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Name: office glass door round glass partition wall

Model Number: D-005

Glass thickness:

Glass size:




Product Description

 office glass door round glass partition wall 

Commercial glass doors and glass walls, the channel is for fixing top and base glass edges of  fixed glass panels.

The cn1002 is suitable for glass folding glass panel trims as well.


The commercial glass doors glass closet doors are consist of three parts,including upper part,lower part and middle part,the materials can be changed according to your requirements.




Surface Finish


Upper Patch/Pivot/Hinge


S.S 304

Suits for 8-12mm thickness glass




Lower Patch/Hinge


S.S 304

Suits for 8-12mm thickness glass



Floor Spring 

S.S 304

10000times for swinging 



Tempered glass

8-12m thickness


Top / Bottom Trim 

S.S 304

Suits for 8-12mm thickness glass



Below is Metal Porch Railing Manufacturer for your reference,before producing,we will send detailed drawings for you to confirm whether is ok or not.

Generally, we design as per Australian Building Codes, or European Standards, but we can also design as per customer’s requirements.

Glass fittings for door panels: includes door hinges, door handle, door lock, floor spring.

  Tempered glass panel for commercial glass doors is a type of glass with even compressive stress on the surface which is made by 

heating float glass to nearly softening point and then cooling it down rapidly by air. During the instant cooling process, the outside of 

glass is solidified due to rapid cooling while the interior of the glass is cooled down relatively slowly.

Glass door hinge type for glass doors:

Glass door patches fittings:

The upper patch is with pivot for swinging , lower patch matches floor spring . Floor lock can be provide , for example patch lock as below.

This patch type is easy for installation , pivot and spring are matching both patches. The floor spring is widely used in pool fence doors.

Double swing glass doors are suitable for commercial office doors .

Special funtions glass types:

Self cleaning glass, is for shower doors, nowadays, it is popular for glass outside doors , glass walls

and glass railings.

 for exterior facilities.

Water itself will flow down the glass, water hardly keeps on the panels.If for outdoor glass, it can be easy cleaned.

Maybe you will like other similar products for glass closet doors. If there isn't what you like, you can tell us your requirement, 

we can customize and provide drawings for your reference.


hy Choose YIGO company?

Foshan YG Building Material Co., Limited having been in this line for many years, we have rich experience and high technology. 


To protect the goods, we pack the goods at least three layers. The first layer is film, the second is carton 

or woven bag, the third is carton or plywood case. Other components: covered by bubble firm bag, packing in carton.

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